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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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with the mission police. so, our problems is not getting solved. so we are asking the bayview police redistrict so they include our area as part of portrero hill. thank you. >> thank you, any further public comment? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. the inspect or has returned. colleagues does anyone have questions for the chief for the controllers office? >> i don't know who is going to answer but i do want to tell the public that this report came out just recently i think last week and this report talks about how they came about putting the statistics together, the working group, who participated in it and how they made the analysis to come out with the draft. i call it the draft of
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the district boundary lines. we heard about it in december. we did not have this. so nine times out of ten i'm a really good visual learner. i wish we had this report before our presentation. i'm glad we have it now but i think the public should know that it was the internal city department that met with the consultants and there was captain representation on the working group and my understanding is that they did pass a lot of this to their see path and they have a lot of citizens in the district that work with them. this is the first time it was available and to all that participated and didn't have access. we got this in december but it's the first time i understand the analysis. i hate to say that but it's true. this is not carved in stone. we have gone to a lot of different communities and they have made recommendations and what we heard right now in the tenderloin they want
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to carve out the shopping center, but it still comes down to straight liens and there still are streets that are divided down the line. one side of the block is still going to be on one group and the other side to the other. one thing i like to do is i want to know if anyone is gathering information so we can go to the drawing board to make sense to carve out and a lot of work went into this and it's not set in stone. i think there may be some changes coming and i'm wondering if we are gathering information and how to put this together. >> commissioner dejesus, i wanted to shake this process from here is that we have received community input and i'm tracking the community
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request and the controller is tracking them. what i'm going to do is at the next meeting, like you i poured through the pages. we are going to have march 11th, an item on the agenda we are going to specifically ask after deejing -- digesting all of this and we are going to ask to give us changes and data about how it's impacted all of this. it's a data driven process. we want to understand what the data would show us if those request were made. those will be made on march 11th and come back on april 8th. to get the data and come back on the 8th and have a discussion to see if there is an agreement of what the maps would look like and come back april
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15th. my sense it's 30-45 days for the map to take effect. it's the estimate. that's the process we have moving forward. i don't know if you have any questions about that. >> i have a question about that. when we come back what i have heard at the meeting because of the officers job they are note going to change their beat but reporting to different areas. a lot of community was wondering whether staffing would change and when we are addressing the change we should also address the staff if it remains the same or doesn't remain the same. >> over and over again we heard this. as dr. marshall said that commissioner loftus said. i want to reassure everybody that nobody loses
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their police officers. so right now the police officers are deployed across the city. the lines will move, so if somebody is on market street, right now market street belongs to southern police station and answers to captain deflipo. if market street goes to tenderloin, what you say exactly right to keep those cops, but those cops respond to captain turner at the station. we are going to be hiring the 300 officers that we are short right now, they are all coming back. so as they come back to the stations and some boundaries change like the tenderloin station would get larger, their percentage that they
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get back would get more because the area they patrol gets bigger. if bayview as i said would stay the same even though it gets a little bit smaller unless there is new adjustment and will be considered of moving the boundary to portrero. i see the sculpture is writing that down. to go to what commissioner dejesus is saying, everything that everybody is saying, this is the prescribed measure in the charter amendment measure where the public weighs in. we needed to have a starting point. we have a starting point map where there are lines on it and with a lot of experience and data from professional consultants have drawn and now we have great input from the community about moving it
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to portrero for this reason or mariposa for that reason and the win that it appears that everyone would like to annex someplace else is the shopping center. we'll work on that one. we will not be put that go shopping center on portrero hill >> and we will not be taking your cops. >> you can ask that. >> when we are talking about i understand the officers they might report differently but although sector cars changes? >> yes, sector cars will change. if the bored are -- border moves from the bayview you will have eliminated the 1 car, pretty much most of it except for portrero hill. we would have to do a rebalancing of the sectors. if potrero hill would stay in
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the 1 car but maybe the whole thing so all the sectors will get smaller. >> we'll know about that if we change the line? >> yes. we are trying to cross. yeah, that would be more of an internal organizational sector. the general pub wants to make sure when they call that they are safe oovment >> the last question, the report in addition to calling for service, better centralizing the districts within their community they pointed out here and done it very well. there are other side issues, can we talk about some of those side issues that they talk about. one of them comes down to technology and that seems to be hampering us when it talks about databases and do they require
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improvement and we have limited information in our cable and that reporting is not consistent. >> yeah, but you have to remember the cable system is 40 years old. we have a state of the art crime data warehouse. the jump that we've made this technology in the last 4 years for instance getting e-mail has been tremendous. so the best data available has been used and certainly the data available for this report was light years better than the data used the last time we redirected 20 years ago. >> right, maybe that is a great example. it varies from year to year even from department to department and maybe we can come up with a uniform. >> we have a uniform crime report to the fbi and this year we were able to consolidate all of our numbers to matchup at the end of this calendar
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year. >> it talks about quality and control for validation. there are some issues that would be great to address at some point in the future, not right now. >> i don't think it comes to any surprise to anyone that our data and system has been a work in progress but continues to improve and if anything the data has been consistent over the years as far as like crime rates and what's going on. it's not like something fell off the map or counteden and thankfully some of the statistics you just mentioned can be counted and accurate. >> the one from the sf p.d. summaries, if the officers feel some are so large that they get to write the report, it's time consuming. i'm wondering with the redistricting if that's going to be the same. >> we are going to have to
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counsel the officer where he got the phone two years ago that he can do the report on the phone. he's going to be counseled that he's been driving around for two years. a little grain of salt on that particular officer. >> what i hear we are going to come back march 11 and talk about maybe going back to the drawing board. >> we are not going to talk about going to the drawing board but we are going to ask for specific things requested by the community, what impacts will have on those primary drivers used on this process service, cable data. we don't want to ignore the data. >> those that are here and watching on television that have come to any of these community meetings, i felt it was very important that we
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got concensus on most of the maps. we have probably 6-10. they are not small asks or changes but maybe 6-10 substantive things that have to be considered by the department, more community meetings on a smaller scale by this commission. but i do think this process has gotten us a lot closer to where we want to be. >> to get more clarification on the march 11 meeting, they will come back on march 11 on some idea of the data with the request that are made, is that what i hear? >> on march 11 we as each individual commissioners can talk about what we heard from the community. i have about 5-6. i think we got another one tonight that's why i was interested in getting that in writing and we'll have a which aness to ask
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commerce what they want on that basis. >> will we be voting? >> no, there is no voting on march 11 and april 8. it's let's get a report back from consultants who are in boston and they will take a chance to look at what the final impact will be and we'll get a map that will be voted on until april 15. there will be no voting on the final map until april 15. >> i think board of supervisors was talking about having a dmeet -- committee meeting on this issue. >> we spoke with members of the board, president loftus and i and they agreed that we would have that meeting after the four community meetings happen. >> we are just in scheduling
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right now. >> all right. >> we really wanted to get all of these done first. >> okay. that was it. those are the things that i have and i read it quickly but reading this and digesting it and the rest is going forward. >> we will get all of your questions answered. >> my colleagues have other questions. vice-president turman? >> chief, if you could, could you please address the northwest corner, the decision making behind, i believe it's 16-18th street and why that is being on the other side of the 101 why that moved? >> i think the neighbors that spoke to it spoke to 101 has been the divider. so it's a very natural barrier. a little bit of a jurisdictional situation. the neighbors some of whom
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i'm familiar with. it's cal trans property and cal trans property is patrolled by the chp. we work with chp with some of these areas but there are some areas that are city streets like the show case section. that's actually, those are city streets that's ours. it gets a little bit complicated but for the consultants and captains that worked on it the natural divider was the freeway because it always has been and there have been other people that have suggested like general hospital that potrero avenue would be a better divider since that is the natural divider. >> if potrero avenue was divided wouldn't it be with the mission >> it's portrero east that
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the neighbors are talking about. >> on the march 11 meeting is there something we can do that the folks from portrero housing are aware of that meeting so they can come down and express their concerns? >> absolutely asu r i is still here. i work with her and we can make sure we can get that in there. >> asuri, i live in portrero hill, if there is information that people can't make it, let's make sure that i can get that information so people can go out. >> commissioner, jay is here this evening, he represents the
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boosters and has connections and attends the meetings at portrero hill and measure chapters of dog patch as well. the next meeting is next tuesday at 10 a.m.. >> commissioner huang? >> i want to thank folks for coming out. it's important to get the bigger picture of the analysis. what we have heard in these meetings is that folks want more officers. i know the resources and the lines are two issues. we have heard concern about these officers. i want to flag the issue for our consultants as i'm looking at the data and cable data. i want to raise the issue of park station. it seems like they have the lowest number of cable calls and they are actually going to decrease under this proposed map. so i guess my general question are we going to
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decrease it so there is even less in that district and less officers there to be able to redistrict the officers to the higher need districts. >> so the chief said they already have the fewest number of officers. >> if it gets smaller we are going to need to reassign the officers. we'll talk about it at a future meeting. >> any other comments? >> yes, just want to say thank you to everyone who provided us with additional input in this process. i look forward to our next meeting when we will be looking at different pieces that were given to us by different communities in terms of what they would like to see as changes and look forward to us working on it. >> i would just like to say
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how grateful i am for all of you to come here to care enough about your community and really pay anticipation -- attention to these issues. this is our last meeting and this is great to see how engaged you are with that. thank you very much for that. thank you for taking me around potrero hill and showing me what's happening in the neighborhood and thank you for your advocacy because that makes change. thank you everyone. >> please call the next line item. >> city clerk: line item 3. adjourned. >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? motion passes. we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >>
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>> all right. is this cyc? make some noise. cyc. [speaking foreign language] is cyc here? yeah. community love right here. [speaking foreign language] hey good job, good job. smile, smile. it's not that heavy. you make cyc proud, the community. oh yes. all right. i don't know if they're going to fit on stage. you know i wish
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your captain were here. oh there he is. captain. one of my old favorites. commander is here too. [speaking foreign language] >> okay. i think the mayor should go first so sisters and brothers san franciscans the mayor ed lee. [speaking foreign language] >> what a presentation from our golden dragon and all of our wonderful young people. i want to have a special welcome to our valley christian and our students from beijing. yeah, they came all the way over here
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to celebrate this wonderful event and gosh this is all about family. it's all about extended family. i want to welcome everyone here to the year of the ram celebrations. this is a kickoff. we're kicking it off. we're cleaning our area. i want to thank julie christensen for being here and supervisor mar for being here and dpw and muhammad is here and our police department our fire department, all of the agencies working together with our community based agencies to celebrate. keep everyone safe and enjoyable. we're going to hear a lot of fire crackers and you heard norman already and he is warming up and a big parade and just the warm up today but we're excited with this community flower fair. i want to give a great thank you to our chinese
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chamber of commerce for having been here from the very start. all of their wonderful leadership. eddy is here, rose is here. the entire chamber has been doing this for many decades and we have been growing it for the world to see. i am very proud that this parade is put on by so many volunteers. i want to thank all of the sponsors but most importantly all of you here and enjoy yourself. buy flowers. norman said earlier to tell each other you're beautiful. that's the first time i heard that from anita. i have been telling her that for 35 years but the reverse hasn't happened but anyway this is a great time to celebrate. i want to say thank you for so many of our community partners that put this on that really think about and are creative and are
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dedicated to building this chinatown community so we're proud to display our culture for the rest of the world to see. thank you for being here. [speaking foreign language] [applause] >> just to let all of the dignitaries know we're keeping it short this year and keep of the blessing and that's it and of course we have to thank the chinatown chamber of commerce and eddy and you can speak longer. >> for all of you let me say something in chinese. [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> all right. so supervisors real quick and you have to say the chinese except for supervisor eric mar who has a
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prepare speech. >> right. happy year of the ram. happy valentines day as well. to all of the children there is a lot of kissing that goes on today but i have a lot of love for chinatown and all of the volunteers serving the community and the people. thanks to the sponsors as well. [speaking foreign language] thank you. >> all right. other supervisors all you get to say is a chinese new year blessing. we will start over here. >> you want to go? >> no, go ahead. >> hi everyone. i am scott wiener from the board of supervisors and here to wish you a happy new year and thank you to everyone that made this happen and have a great one. thank you. >> this is julie christensen the supervisor for the district. congratulations. all of you picked the best place to be today. it's a beautiful day so happy new year. happy valentines day. have a good day in chinatown and thank you to the chamber and to ed and rose
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for putting on a party and inviting all of us to be here. thank you norman. [speaking foreign language] >> any other supervisors? that's it? okay. are we ready? >> [speaking foreign language] (speaking chinese). i i am here to represent the recorder assessor carmen chu and happy new year and celebrate with your valentines too. thank you very much. >> real quick captain can you say chinese new year? >> [speaking foreign language] happy new year. happy valentines day on behalf of every police officer that has the best job in the world
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patrolling chinatown and thank you very much. >> we have to go to rose and get ready. >> [speaking foreign language] so what i said is wishing everybody a prosperous new year. however, safety is number one and second is cleanliness so i have a cane. if i see anybody throwing garbage around i will wack you. thank you. [applause] >> i got enough scissors this year. okay. let me tell you what is going on. they're going to cut the ribbon and then the beijing and valley christian
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will be ready. after they cut the ribbon i will go "one, two, three" and you're in for a real treat. [speaking foreign language] . all right. you guys all help me. ready? [speaking foreign language] >> one, two, three! all right. hit it. check this out everybody. turn around. check this out. all the way from beijing and valley christian school together. ready? all right. >> [speaking foreign language] valley christian school -- [speaking foreign language] >> can you feel it everybody?
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ready? (band playing) >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco budget & finance committee for march 4, 2015, and should say the budget subcommittee i'm mark farrell joined by supervisor tang and commissioner eric mar as well as supervisor christensen and i believe we're going to be joined by supervisor campos i want to thank clerk